Full & Partial Dentures

Replacing several missing teeth all at once can seem like a daunting, difficult, painful, and expensive task. Because of this, some people will avoid it altogether and simply deal with the pain, discomfort, health issues, and damaged self-confidence that comes with all of those missing teeth. If you’re one of those people, Dr. Bannon and the team at Preferred Dental have a solution for you: full or partial dentures.


Our low-cost full and partial dentures can change your life without sending you into debt or forcing you into a surgical procedure that you’re not comfortable with. Don’t allow the pain, discomfort, and embarrassment to continue any longer. Reach out to us today, and together, we’ll create a plan to restore your teeth and protect your health.

Why Choose Dentures?

There are a few different options for tooth replacement, and all of them have their merits. Typically, the best solution for you will come down to your personal needs and desires. If you’re looking to replace your missing teeth, protect your existing teeth, and improve both your smile and your ability to chew without surgery or spending a ton of money to do it, then full or partial dentures are your answer.

Your Affordable Dentist in Colorado Springs

It’s a sad fact that dental care can be so costly that some simply avoid it altogether. Of course, this can lead to a whole host of more extensive and even expensive issues down the road. But unless you have a trustworthy dentist who can offer you compassionate care for a low cost, then you may have no other option. Dr. Nathanael Bannon can be that dentist for you. Call today to learn more. Most insurance accepted for full & partial dentures.